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Muza80 Vol.01
Alan Ross - The Last Wall.mp3
Danny Keith - Keep On Music.mp3
Dj's Project - Vision Of Love.mp3
Eartha Kitt - This Is My Life.mp3
Grant Miller - Wings Of Love.mp3
Laban - Love In Siberia.mp3
Lian Ross - Fantasy.mp3
Miko Mission - Toc Toc Toc.mp3
Mozzart - Devil's Rendez-Vous.mp3
Muza80 Czesc 1 B.jpg
Muza80 Czesc 1.jpg
muza80 vol.1.m3u
Roger Meno - I Find The Way.mp3
Squash Gang - Moving Your Hips.mp3
Sweet Connection - Need Your Passion.mp3

Muza80 Vol.02
Airplay - For Your Love.mp3
Alan Barry - Come On.mp3
Cliff Turner - Moonlight Affair.mp3
Daydream - In The Night.mp3
Eddy Huntington - Up & Down.mp3
Facts & Fiction - Give Me the Night.mp3
Joy - Touch By Touch.mp3
Kristian Conde - Dolce Vita (American Version).mp3
Mr.Zivago - Little Russian.mp3
Muza80 Czesc 2 B.jpg
Muza80 Czesc 2.jpg
muza80 vol.2.m3u
Patty Ryan - Stay With Me Tonight.mp3
Roy - Shooting Star.mp3
Squash Gang - I Want An Illusion.mp3

Muza80 Vol.03
Beagle Music Ltd. - Daydream.mp3
Gazebo - Lunatic.mp3
Gina T. - Tokyo By Night.mp3
Grant Miller - Tracks In The Snow.mp3
Helicon - You... See.mp3
K.B. Caps - Do You Really Need Me.mp3
Latin Lovers - Casanova Action.mp3
Lian Ross - Say You'll Never.mp3
Michael Bedford - Tonight.mp3
Muza80 Czesc 3 A.jpg
Muza80 Czesc 3 B.jpg
muza80 vol.3.m3u
Radiorama - Flight Of Fantasy.mp3
Scotch - Take Me Up (Long Version).mp3
The Hurricanes - Only One Night.mp3

Muza80 Vol.04
Mozzart - Jasmin China Girl.mp3
Muza80 Czesc 4 B.jpg
Muza80 Czesc 4.jpg
muza80 vol.4.m3u
Night Society - Hold Me Tight.mp3
Pamela - Saturday Night.mp3
Primadonna - Angel You.mp3
Primero - Oh Que Calor.mp3
Raf - Self Control.mp3
Silver Pozzoli - Pretty Baby.mp3
Solid Strangers - Music In The Night.mp3
T. Ark - Count On Me.mp3
The Winners - Rocky.mp3
Tracy Spencer - Run To Me.mp3
Trillion - Belgian Girl.mp3
Valerie Dore - It's So Easy.mp3

Muza80 Vol.05
Gina T. - Sayonara.mp3
Ivan - Fotonovela.mp3
Michael Bedford - More Than A Kiss.mp3
Miko Mission - Around My Dream.mp3
Muza80 Czesc 5 A.jpg
Muza80 Czesc 5 B.jpg
muza80 vol.5.m3u
Radiorama - Fire.mp3
Rudy & Co. - Mama Radio.mp3
Ryan Paris - Dolce Vita.mp3
Sandy Wilson - Give Me Your Love Tonight.mp3
Savage - Only You.mp3
Silent Circle - Touch In The Night.mp3
Steve Clark - No More Love.mp3
Torrevado - Living In The Shuttle.mp3
Visions - Everybody.mp3

Muza80 Vol.06
Alan Ross - Valentino Mon Amour.mp3
Angie St. John - Hot Nights In Ibiza.mp3
Baby's Gang - Challenger.mp3
Brand Image - Love In A Summer Night.mp3
Brian Ice - Over Again.mp3
Danuta - Touch My Heart.mp3
David Lyme - I Don't Wanna Lose You.mp3
Den Harrow - Don't Break My Heart.mp3
Fabian Nesti - Heigh-Ho.mp3
G.J. Lunghi - Acapulco Nights.mp3
Gazebo - Masterpiece.mp3
Jessica - Like A Burning Star.mp3
Mirage - No More No War.mp3
Muza80 Czesc 6 A.jpg
Muza80 Czesc 6 B.jpg
muza80 vol.6.m3u

Muza80 Vol.07
Bazykina Twins - Moskow Nights.mp3
Brian Ice - Night Girl.mp3
Camaro's Gang - Fuerza Major.mp3
Den Harrow - Charleston.mp3
Julian - Straight To My Heart.mp3
Kelly Brown - Only You Can (You Make Me Feel).mp3
Los Bravos - Black Is Black.mp3
Lou Sern - Swiss Boy.mp3
Mr. Me - I Go Down (Sa Sa Sa).mp3
Muza80 Czesc 7 A.jpg
Muza80 Czesc 7 B.jpg
muza80 vol.7.m3u
New Romantique - Shy Like An Angel.mp3
Rocky M - Fly With Me To Wonderland.mp3
Rose - Memories.mp3
Sammy Alen - Slave To Love.mp3

Muza80 Vol.08
Alexander Robinson - Perfection.mp3
Amin Peck - Running Straight.mp3
Brian & Eden - Celebration Tonight.mp3
Cay Hume - Call Me Up.mp3
Chantal - Ladie's Night.mp3
Chicano - Tengo Tengo.mp3
Co. Co. - Call Me .mp3
Double Take - When You Said Hallo.mp3
Europe - Give Me One Day.mp3
Kermesse - Mrs. Moon.mp3
Michael Mc Clay - Heart To Heart.mp3
Muza80 Czesc 8 B.jpg
Muza80 Czesc 8.jpg
muza80 vol.8.m3u
Nicky & Nicky - Souvenir.mp3
Sunset - Since You've Gone Away.mp3

Muza80 Vol.09
Amazone - Gino Gino.mp3
Creative Connection - You're My Heart, You're My Soul.mp3
David Lyme - Bye Bye Mi Amor.mp3
Eddy Huntington - USSR.mp3
Joe Yellow - I'm Your Lover.mp3
Mr.Black - Monalisa.mp3
Muza80 Czesc 9 A.jpg
Muza80 Czesc 9 B.jpg
muza80 vol.9.m3u
Roger Meno - What My Heart Wanna Say.mp3
Ryan Paris - Fall In Love.mp3
Silent Circle - Stop The Rain In The Night.mp3
Silver Pozzoli - Step By Step.mp3
Solid Strangers - Vision (Of The Night).mp3
Stragavanza - Hold Me On Your Heart.mp3
Tension - My Dreams.mp3

Muza80 Vol.10
Muza80 Czesc 10 A.jpg
Muza80 Czesc 10 B.jpg
muza80 vol.10.m3u
Cliff Turner - I Need Your Love.mp3
Danielle Deneuve - The Plague.mp3
Digital Emotion - Go Go Yellow Screen.mp3
Fair Control - Symphony Of Love.mp3
Fairlight - Love In A Summer Night.mp3
Interface - Plastic Age.mp3
Joy Peters - One Night In Love.mp3
Karina - Hi Di Ho Dance With Dolly.mp3
Ken Laszlo - Diamonds Never Made A Lady.mp3
Ken Laszlo - Tonight.mp3
La La - Johnny.mp3
Milou - Sentimental Lover.mp3
Parallax Corporation - Crocodiles In The Sky.mp3
Sweet Connection - Heart To Heart.mp3

Muza80 Vol.11
Muza80 Czesc 11 A.jpg
Muza80 Czesc 11 B.jpg
muza80 vol.11.m3u
Ago - Computer (In My Mind).mp3
Argentina - Baby, Don't You Break (My Heart).mp3
Brian Ice - Talking To The Night.mp3
David Lyme - Playboy.mp3
Electra - Quando Quando.mp3
Grant Miller - Colder Than Ice.mp3
Jock Hattle Band - To Be Or Not To Be.mp3
Joe Yellow - Take My Heart.mp3
Joy Peters - Don't Loose Your Heart Tonight.mp3
Jules - I Want To.mp3
K.B. Caps - Catch Me Now I'm Falling.mp3
Riky Maltese - Rainy Day.mp3
Sweet Connection - Dirty Job.mp3

Muza80 Vol.12
Coo Coo - Upside Down.mp3
David Lyme - Bambina.mp3
De Blanc - Mon Amour.mp3
Fable Time - Russia Russia.mp3
Italian Boys - Midnight Girl .mp3
Maria Vidal - Body Rock.mp3
Mike Rogers - Just A Story.mp3
Monte Kristo - The Girl Of Lucifer.mp3
Muza80 Czesc 12 A.jpg
Muza80 Czesc 12B.jpg
muza80 vol.12.m3u
Regina - Mira Me.mp3
Rick Rock - Take Me Away.mp3
Scotch - Mirage.mp3
T. Ark - Under Cover Lover.mp3
Claudio Mingardi - Star (Medley with Starman).mp3

Muza80 Vol.13
Alan Barry - Tell Me The Reason.mp3
Albert One - Lady O.mp3
Baby's Gang - Happy Song (Remix).mp3
Divo - We Can't Go On.mp3
Fancy - After Midnight.mp3
Gentlekick - Stay By You Tonight.mp3
Hugh Bullen - Night Girl.mp3
Muza80 Czesc 13 A.jpg
Muza80 Czesc 13 B.jpg
muza80 vol.13.m3u
Radiorama - ABCD.mp3
Silver Pozzoli - Around My Dream.mp3
Thomas & Schubert - Crank It Up 2.mp3
Tokio - You Can't Stop This Game.mp3
UK - Roadrunner.mp3
Vivian Vee - Heartbeat.mp3

Muza80 Vol.14
Alan Cook - Do You Want To Stay.mp3
Alphatown - Hey Robin.mp3
Betty Miranda - Take Me To The Top.mp3
Brian Ice - Walking Away.mp3
Eugene - Livin' In Your Love.mp3
Fancy - Bolero.mp3
Gazebo - Love In Your Eyes.mp3
L.I.F.E. - It Happens All The Time.mp3
Linda Jo Rizzo - You're My First, You're My Last.mp3
Max Him - Japanese Girl (Remix).mp3
Muza80 Czesc 14 A.jpg
Muza80 Czesc 14 B.jpg
muza80 vol.14.m3u
New Baccara - Fantasy Boy.mp3
Scotch - Delirio Mind.mp3
Secret Lovers - Another Minute.mp3

Muza80 Vol.15
Click - Duri Duri.mp3
Elvin - Set My Heart On Fire.mp3
Grant Miller - California Train.mp3
Joe Yellow - Sinchronization Of....mp3
Ken Laszlo - Don't Cry.mp3
Krypton - Tokyo Girl.mp3
Lee Marrow - Mr. Fantasy.mp3
Mike Mareen - Agent Of Liberty.mp3
Muza80 Czesc 15 A.jpg
Muza80 Czesc 15 B.jpg
muza80 vol.15.m3u
Nina Pee - You're Sun Of My Life.mp3
Patty Ryan - I Don't Wanna Lose You Tonight.mp3
Paula Evans - C.I.A.O..mp3
Savage - Good-Bye.mp3
Stage - Ocean Of Crime.mp3

Muza80 Vol.16
Al Corley - Square Rooms.mp3
Chip Chip - So Close To Heaven.mp3
Debut De Soiree - Nuit De Folie.mp3
Dodo Dee - Ciao Ciao.mp3
Dyva - Stay With Me Tonight.mp3
Eddy Skyn - It's A Lie.mp3
Humphrey Robertson - Back To Stay.mp3
Ken Laszlo - 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8.mp3
Lee Young - Napoleon.mp3
Miko Mission - Two For Love.mp3
Muza80 Czesc 16 A1.jpg
Muza80 Czesc 16 B.jpg
muza80 vol.16.m3u
Rocky M - Disco Lady.mp3
Valerie Dore - Get Closer.mp3
William King - Robin Hood.mp3

Muza80 Vol.17
Alba - Only Music Survives.mp3
Baltimora - Woody Boogie.mp3
Body Power - Nothing.mp3
Cruisin Gang - On The Beach Tonight.mp3
D-Connection - Easy To Say.mp3
Gaily News - Do The Batdance.mp3
Lisa G. - Call My Name.mp3
Miko Mission - The World Is You.mp3
Muza80 Czesc 17 A.jpg
Muza80 Czesc 17 B.jpg
muza80 vol.17.m3u
My Mine - Can Delight.mp3
Riky Maltese - Warrior.mp3
Rollerforce - Subway.mp3
Sally Swan - Tell Me Why.mp3
Sarah - Tokyo Town.mp3

Muza80 Vol.18
Albert One - Lover Boy.mp3
Aleph - Go, Baby.mp3
Bernie Paul - Attenzione (Go Go Radio).mp3
Coo Coo - You Can Set Me Free.mp3
Fred Ventura - The Years.mp3
Mr. Freaky - Out Of My Mind.mp3
Muza80 Czesc 18 A.jpg
Muza80 Czesc 18 B.jpg
muza80 vol.18.m3u
Rose - Magic Carillon.mp3
Roxanne - Charlene.mp3
Savage - Radio.mp3
Silent Circle - Oh, Don't Lose Your Heart Tonight.mp3
Sophie - Broken Tale.mp3
The Flirts - Roller Coaster.mp3
Valerie Dore - Get Closer.mp3

Muza80 Vol.19
Atrium - Week-End.mp3
Derek Simon - Dance With Me.mp3
Luca Coveri - Do It Again.mp3
Marce - I Want You.mp3
Max Him - Lady Fantasy.mp3
Moulin Rouge - Stranger.mp3
Muza80 Czesc 19 A.jpg
Muza80 Czesc 19 B.jpg
muza80 vol.19.m3u
Neil Smith - Help Me Through The Summer.mp3
Patrick Colby - Mandrill.mp3
Rudy & Co. - Play The Game (Lolly Dance).mp3
Savage - Celebrate.mp3
Susanne - Meals Forever.mp3
Tasha - You Only You.mp3
Video - Somebody.mp3

Muza80 Vol.20
Apple In Jacket - New World.mp3
Den Ryder - It's Hard To Say Goodbye.mp3
John Christian - Ebony Eyes.mp3
Lucia - Marinero.mp3
Muza80 Czesc 20 Special A.jpg
Muza80 Czesc 20 Special B.jpg
muza80 vol.20 Special.m3u
Primadonna - Flashing On The Floor.mp3
Richard Romeo - Non Chalance.mp3
Rofo - Fleshlight On A Discolight.mp3
Roger Meno - Love Good-Bye.mp3
Shy Rose - I Cry For You.mp3
Silent Circle - For You & Give Me Time.mp3
Silent Circle - I'm Your Beliver.mp3
Taffy - Midnight Radio.mp3
Tony Turn - Cherry Cherry.mp3

Muza80 Vol.21
Baltimora - Tarzan Boy.mp3
Boys Next Door - Lady Of The Night.mp3
Chip Chip - Never Say Goodbye.mp3
Fred Ventura - Heartbeat.mp3
Gentle Touch - The Fire Of Love.mp3
Hank Shostak - Don't Tell Me.mp3
Magdalene - You Can Do.mp3
Muza80 Czesc 21 A.jpg
Muza80 Czesc 21 B.jpg
muza80 vol.21.m3u
Patty Devick - Heart To Heart.mp3
Saphir - Shot In The Night.mp3
Sauvage - Do You Want Me (Dance Mix).mp3
Swan - Shining Star (Memory Remix).mp3
Tasha - Daddy Joe.mp3
Time - Love Is The Reason.mp3
Trans-X - Ich Liebe Dich (I Love You) (Continental Mix).mp3

Muza80 Vol.22
Charlie G. - L'ama L'amour.mp3
Cherry - Take A Moment.mp3
Dave Merlin - Electric Nights.mp3
Day Dream - Baby Baby.mp3
Fresh - The Wolf.mp3
K. Barre - Right By The Moon.mp3
K.B.Caps - Julia (Maxi Mix).mp3
Love Kills - I Want To Become.mp3
Max Coveri - I Wanna Love You (Mix Version).mp3
Monte Kristo - Cherry Mi Sai.mp3
Muza80 Czesc 22 A.jpg
Muza80 Czesc 22 B.jpg
muza80 vol.22.m3u
Nasty Boy - I Was Made For Loving You.mp3
Nove - Ride My Bike.mp3
Sheila Stewart - It`s You.mp3
Silver Pozzoli - Love Is The Best.mp3

Muza80 Vol.23
Cleo - Go Go Dynamo.mp3
Clio - Faces.mp3
De Gama - Sexual Fever.mp3
Matt De Bono - Love Is A Danger.mp3
Mr..Zivago - Tell Be Your Eyes.mp3
Muza80 Czesc 23 A.jpg
Muza80 Czesc 23 B.jpg
muza80 vol.23.m3u
Riky Maltese - All The Night.mp3
Rofo - You've Got To Move It On.mp3
Roxanne - Give A Little Love.mp3
Shipra - Blinded By The Night.mp3
Sly & Hunter - No More Vision.mp3
Stefano Pulga - Come Back.mp3
Tom - Give Me Just A Little Time.mp3
Video Kids - Woodpeckers From Space.mp3

Muza80 Vol.24
Babys Gang - Jamin.mp3
Claudia T - Wach Me.mp3
Gypsy & Queen - Plaza Del Sol.mp3
Invidia - Plaza De Toros.mp3
Kathy Jo Taylor - Little Witch.mp3
Laid Back - High Society Girl.mp3
Lazarus - Wait.mp3
Marc Fruttero - If You're Feeling Blue.mp3
Muza80 Czesc 24 A.jpg
Muza80 Czesc 24 B.jpg
muza80 vol.24.m3u
Phil & Stan - I Need Your Love Tonight.mp3
Piano Fantasia - Song For Denise.mp3
Rofo - I Want You.mp3
Skill - Caroline.mp3
Twenty One - Eyes Of Don Johnson.mp3

Muza80 Vol.25
Chico - Come Va.mp3
D-Motion - Lady Of Stars.mp3
David Lyme - You're My Desire.mp3
Firefly 5 - Prince Of The Day.mp3
Jurgen Drews - So Wie In Film.mp3
Mario Cottarelli - Shake Your Body,Ohp!.mp3
Monkey Business - Every 1`s A Winner.mp3
Moscow - Come Back.mp3
Muza80 Czesc 25 A.jpg
Muza80 Czesc 25 B.jpg
muza80 vol.25.m3u
Panther Rex - High Or Love.mp3
Sharon - Love Is A Soul Mistery.mp3
Stelee-Up - Waiting For You.mp3
Thomas & Shubert - Lost In Paradise.mp3

Muza80 Vol.26
Albert One - Hopes & Dreams.mp3
Check Up Twins - Sexy Teacher.mp3
Cless - Extraterrestrial.mp3
Coo Coo - All You Need Is Love.mp3
Discobonus - Race In Uncertainty.mp3
Dyva - Please My Love.mp3
Fred Ventura - Leave Me Alone.mp3
Italian Boys - Forever Lovers.mp3
Ken Laszlo - Mary Ann.mp3
Mark Tower - You Aren't Fall In Love.mp3
Miko Misson - I Believe.mp3
Muza80 Czesc 26 A.jpg
Muza80 Czesc 26 B.jpg
muza80 vol.26.m3u
Rex Abe - I Can Feel It.mp3
Tagomago - Shoobeeda.mp3

Muza80 Vol.27
Anthonys Game - Sunshine Love.mp3
Barbara - A Far L'amore Co Mincia Tu.mp3
Claudia T. - Fatal Destination.mp3
Cliff Wedge - Angel Eyes.mp3
Eddy Huntington - Meet My Friend.mp3
Generation - Fight For You.mp3
Gina - Let Me Free.mp3
Jeo Yellow - Love At First.mp3
L' Affair - Secret Eyes.mp3
Muza80 Czesc 27 A.jpg
Muza80 Czesc 27 B.jpg
muza80 vol.27.m3u
Nora - Vaya Con Dios.mp3
Savage - Im Loosing You.mp3
Valerie Dore - Lancelot.mp3
Wish Key - Last Summer.mp3

Muza80 Vol.28
Aventura - Di Mi Quando.mp3
Bruce & Bongo - Hi Ho.mp3
Fake - Frogs in Spain.mp3
Fun Fun - Baila Bolero.mp3
Garbo - Perestroika.mp3
Mad Caddies - Popcorn.mp3
Magazine 60 - Que Nosa.mp3
Muza80 Czesc 28 A.jpg
Muza80 Czesc 28 B.jpg
muza80 vol.28.m3u
P4F - Diamond.mp3
Pino D'Angio - E Libero Scusi.mp3
Raggio Di Luna - Comanchero.mp3
Ricchi E Poweri - Voulez Vous Dancer.mp3
Righeira - Lestate Sta Finendo.mp3
Starlight - Numero Uno.mp3
The Midnight's Moskow - Tovarisc Gorbasciov.mp3
Umberto Tabbi - Ciao Siciliano.mp3

Muza80 Vol.29
Alan Barry - Good Vibrations.mp3
Black Denim - You Are The One.mp3
Chip Chip - Everything You Love (Dolce Vita Edit).mp3
Del Faro - Bandiera La Playa Del Sol.mp3
DJ's Project - How Are You.mp3
Dr.Roof - Deep In My Heart.mp3
Fred Ventura - Wind Of Change.mp3
Fun Fun - Give Me Your Love.mp3
Gina T - Hey Angel (Flighing Angel Mix).mp3
Grant Miller - Doctor For My Heart.mp3
Jimmy & Susy - Come Back.mp3
Mike Mareen - Stand Up.mp3
Muza80 Czesc 29 A.jpg
Muza80 Czesc 29 B.jpg
muza80 vol.29.m3u
Vanilla - Paradise Mi Amor.mp3
Ventura - Another Time.mp3

Muza80 Vol.30
Avenue - Imagination.mp3
Boys Next Door - I Will Follow You.mp3
Chris Luis - The Heart Of The City.mp3
Foreign Currency - C'est La Vie.mp3
Francesco Napoli - Leila.mp3
Francesco Napoli - Stai Con Me.mp3
Ingela - Do The Motion.mp3
Joe Yellow - Lover To Lover.mp3
Ken Laszlo - Glasses Man.mp3
Monte Kristo - Lady Valentine.mp3
Muza80 Czesc 30 Special A.jpg
Muza80 Czesc 30 Special B.jpg
muza80 vol.30 Special.m3u
Roxanne - Boys In Black Cars.mp3
Savage - Tonight.mp3
Thomas & Shubert - Little Flower.mp3
Trans-X - Living On A Video.mp3

Muza80 Vol.31
Denise And Babys Gang - Disco Maniac.mp3
Eddy Brando - Break Out.mp3
Gail Berry - My Miracle Is Love.mp3
Karl Olivas - It's Alright.mp3
Lena - Run To Me.mp3
Marco Martina - Venture In My Heart.mp3
Moonshine - China.mp3
Muza80 Czesc 31 A.jpg
Muza80 Czesc 31 B.jpg
muza80 vol.31.m3u
Oliver Maass - Magic Violin.mp3
Prime Time - I Can't Get Enough.mp3
Radiorama - Heartbreaker.mp3
Sandy Marton - Love Synchronicity.mp3
Scotch - Pictures.mp3
Shanghai - Flight 69.mp3
Susanne - Give Me Love.mp3

Muza80 Vol.32
Andrea - I'm A Lover.mp3
Di Matteo - Diavolo (One Of These Nights).mp3
Hazell Dean - They Say It's Gonna Rain.mp3
Ken Laszlo - Hey, Hey Guy.mp3
Latin Lover - Dr. Love.mp3
Maltese - Mama.mp3
Muza80 Czesc 32 A.jpg
Muza80 Czesc 32 B.jpg
muza80 vol.32.m3u
Panorama - War In Love.mp3
Rewind - Rosalie.mp3
Rose Laurens - American Love.mp3
Sister Sister - Blue Night In Alcatraz.mp3
Stacey Q - Two Of Hearts.mp3
The Flirts - Helpless.mp3

Muza80 Vol.33
Albert One - Secrets.mp3
Aleph - My Life.mp3
Alyne - Over The Sky.mp3
Costa Del Sol - Rendez Vous Sour La Costa Del Sol .mp3
Dandy - Casanova.mp3
Fun Fun - Colour My Love.mp3
Gazebo - Telephone Mama.mp3
Jennifer Munday - Invisible.mp3
Lime - Guilty.mp3
Muza80 Czesc 33 A.jpg
Muza80 Czesc 33 B.jpg
muza80 vol.33.m3u
Rocky M - Look In My Heart.mp3
Tommy Kerish - Speedy Life.mp3
Troll - Jimmy Dean.mp3
Virgin - Only You.mp3

Muza80 Vol.34
Aki - Magic Love.mp3
Alesis - Steppin' Out.mp3
Cliff Matthews - With A Knife.mp3
Duke Lake - Dance Tonight.mp3
Hally & Kongo Band - Africana Man.mp3
Madigan - Ice Cold Love.mp3
MC Brian - Loving You Forever.mp3
Miko Mission - One Step To Heaven.mp3
Muza80 Czesc 34 A.jpg
Muza80 Czesc 34 B.jpg
muza80 vol.34.m3u
Ric Fellini - Welcome To Rimini.mp3
Ricky Maltese - All The Night.mp3
Roby Benvenuto - Gringo.mp3
Rose - Memories.mp3
Sugar Shake - In The Night.mp3

Muza80 Vol.35
Alberto d'Arco - Dai dai dai dolce vita.mp3
Chianese - Day By Day.mp3
David Dean - Bye Bye Baby Goodbye.mp3
Deborah Sasson - (Carmen) Danger In Her Eyes.mp3
Jessica - C'est La Vie Mon Cherie.mp3
Mikron - Polynesia.mp3
Muza80 Czesc 35 A.jpg
Muza80 Czesc 35 B.jpg
muza80 vol.35.m3u
Optimal - Kimi Gasuki.mp3
Real Life - Send Me And Angel.mp3
Reeds - M.A.R.I.N.E.S..mp3
Shooting Party - Safe In Arms Of Love.mp3
Stephanie - Irresistible.mp3
Swan - Don't Talk About It.mp3
Thu Thuy - It's Only You.mp3
Valerie Dore - King Arthur.mp3

Muza80 Vol.36
Alan Barry - Ring The Bell.mp3
Albert One - For Your Love.mp3
Argentina - Let's All Dance.mp3
Camomilla - Tonight.mp3
Creative Connection - Scratch My Name.mp3
Gazebo - For Anita.mp3
Jean Louis Levant - Say.mp3
Ken Laszlo - Everybody Is Dancing.mp3
Mark Farina - So Long.mp3
Mike Mareen - Cecilia.mp3
Mr. Black - Dance Together.mp3
Muza80 Czesc 36 A.jpg
Muza80 Czesc 36 B.jpg
muza80 vol.36.m3u
Ric Fellini - Souvenir d'Amour.mp3
Styloo - Why.mp3

Muza80 Vol.37
Deborah Kinley - September Remember.mp3
Eileen - Must Be Dreaming.mp3
G.P. Universe - Oh Senorita.mp3
Jet Set Band - Say Goodbye To Rainy Days.mp3
Kamillo - Buenas noches.mp3
Muza80 Czesc 37 A.jpg
Muza80 Czesc 37 B.jpg
muza80 vol.37.m3u
My Favourite Toys - Life Of A Toy.mp3
Peter Kent & Luisa Fernandez - Solo Por Ti.mp3
Shah - Serenade.mp3
Silent Circle - Danger Danger (Racing Mix).mp3
Style - Run For Your Life.mp3
Time - Selin Song.mp3
Tommy - One Night.mp3
Witch Elizabeth - Movin' On.mp3

Muza80 Vol.38
Angel - Follow Me.mp3
Caesar - My Black Lady.mp3
Camomilla - Buenas Noches.mp3
Chip Chip - Close To Me.mp3
Cruisin Gang - Be My Life.mp3
Doctor Love - Romance.mp3
Fesh - Scandal Eyes.mp3
Fred Ventura - It's My Time.mp3
J.D. Jaber - Don't Wake Me Up.mp3
Joe Lettieri - You'll Be Mine.mp3
Lee Marrow - Sayonara (Don't Stop).mp3
Mata-Hari - Mata Hari.mp3
Muza80 Czesc 38 A.jpg
Muza80 Czesc 38 B.jpg
muza80 vol.38.m3u
Quibos - Quibos.mp3

Muza80 Vol.39
Andrea - Macho Man.mp3
Gino Castelli - Bella Ti Amo.mp3
Luisa - Parole.mp3
Matisse - Fool For Love.mp3
Max Coveri - One More Time.Mp3
Muza80 Czesc 39 A.jpg
Muza80 Czesc 39 B.jpg
muza80 vol.39.m3u
New Baccara - Call Me Up (Special DJ-Mix).mp3
Nick Letizia - Hold Me.mp3
Numero Uno - Tora Tora Tora.mp3
Paul Rein - Lady-O.mp3
Savage - Fugitive.mp3
Shipra - Sugar And Spice.mp3
Styloo - Pretty Face.mp3
The Radio Pirates - What Shall We Do With The Drunken D.J..mp3

Muza80 Vol.40
Bino - Viva L'amore.mp3
Carrara - S.O.S. Bandido.mp3
Ciao Fellini - Noche A Bahia.mp3
Claudia T. - Dance With Me.mp3
Daydream - Crazy.mp3
Essence - Kahlua Sun.mp3
Jack's Projekt - Shy Shy Sugarman.mp3
Jakie Quartz - A La Vie, A L'Amour.mp3
Jules - You And Me.mp3
Muza80 Czesc 40 Special A.jpg
Muza80 Czesc 40 Special B.jpg
muza80 vol.40 Special.m3u
Patty Ryan - You're My Love, You're My Life.mp3
Rick Valentino - Little Lady Blue.mp3
Savage - Don't Cry Tonight.mp3
Sylvie Sanders - I Know, I Know.mp3
Taffy - Once More.mp3

Muza80 Vol.41
Angie - Clouds.mp3
California - Volerei.mp3
Chaya - Russian Affair.mp3
Danny Owens - Hot Nights In Ibiza.mp3
David Lyme - Let's Go To Sitges.mp3
Eddy Huntington - Physical Attraction.mp3
Fantasy - He's Number One.mp3
Fellini - Passenger.mp3
Grant Miller - I'm Alive Tonight.mp3
Hard Right - Don't Wanna Lose You.mp3
Jean & Jill - Blue Blue Eyes.mp3
Jellybean - Just A Mirage .mp3
Muza80 Czesc 41 A.jpg
Muza80 Czesc 41 B.jpg
muza80 vol.41.m3u
P.Lion - Happy Children.mp3
Real Man - Follow Me.mp3

Muza80 Vol.42
Coccobello - Cocco Bello.mp3
Gotcha - You're Wrong.mp3
King Kong And D'jungle Girls - It's So Funny.mp3
Laroche Valmont - T'as Le Look, Coco.mp3
Lian Ross - Saturday Night.mp3
Lisa Nilsson - Aquarious.mp3
Loco Loco - Manana.mp3
Magazine 60 - Pancho Villa.mp3
Michael Bedford - Space Boys.mp3
Muza80 Czesc 42 A.jpg
Muza80 Czesc 42 B.jpg
muza80 vol.42.m3u
One System - Life Is Very Short.mp3
Psychic Interface - Tribal Stomp.mp3
Solo - Harem.mp3
Venice - Ever And Ever.mp3
Yoh-Yo - Desire (The Exotic And Erotic Mix).mp3

Muza80 Vol.43
Belen Thomas - Panama.mp3
Key West - Jesahel.mp3
Les Blue Belles - Bang A Boomerang.mp3
Lg-Gang - Light My Fire.mp3
Mozzart - Money.mp3
Muza80 Czesc 43 A.jpg
Muza80 Czesc 43 B.jpg
muza80 vol.43.m3u
Ninja - Bye Bye.mp3
Phantom Of The Blue - No Way Out.mp3
Pierangelo - Shake Your Body, Ohp!.mp3
Piero Ipazio - Vincerai se tu vuoi (Italian Version).mp3
Ross - Don't Stop .mp3
Silvia - Come On.mp3
Sugar - Like A Roller Coaster.mp3
Tapps - Don't Pretend To Know.mp3

Muza80 Vol.44
Atlantis Star - The Loving Kind.mp3
Atrium - Doctor Jekyll.mp3
Brothers Return - (The Walls) Of Jericho.mp3
Joy - I'm In Love.mp3
King Kong & D'Jungle Girls - Boom Boom Dollars.mp3
Laban - Donna Donna.mp3
Mel O - Pretty Lover.mp3
Michael Fortunati - Baby You.mp3
Morgana - Ready For Love.mp3
Muza80 Czesc 44 A.jpg
Muza80 Czesc 44 B.jpg
muza80 vol.44.m3u
Radiorama - Aliens.mp3
Sara - The Beat Of The Night.mp3
Savage - A Love Again (Remix).mp3
Swan - General Custer.mp3

Muza80 Vol.45
Asia Gang - Africa (Ebony Mix).mp3
Boys Next Door - Jenny.mp3
Eddy Huntington - May Day.mp3
Linda Jo Rizzo - Heartflash (Tonight).mp3
Max And Steve - Set Me Free.mp3
Miko Mission - I Like The Woman's Heart.mp3
Moulin Rouge - Baby I Miss You.mp3
Muza80 Czesc 45 A.jpg
Muza80 Czesc 45 B.jpg
muza80 vol.45.m3u
Phil & Stan - Play the Game.mp3
Rick Layne - Like Heaven.mp3
Solid Strangers - Gimme The Light.mp3
Stage - Black Betty.mp3
The Corporation - You're My Man.mp3
Valentino - Tonight.mp3
Vanessa - Crazy For You.mp3

Muza80 Vol.46
Danny Keith - Hold On.mp3
David Lyme - Never Say You Love Me.mp3
Den Harrow - Future Brain.mp3
Fred Ventura - Lost in Paris.mp3
Fresh Color - Sing With Me Tonight.mp3
Joe Maran - Give Me A Break.mp3
Ken Laszlo - Black Pearl.mp3
Mark Farina - To My Heart.mp3
Martinelli - Cinderella (Remix).mp3
Mike Mareen - Love Spy.mp3
Miko Mission - How Old Are You.mp3
Muza80 Czesc 46 A.jpg
Muza80 Czesc 46 B.jpg
muza80 vol.46.m3u
Silver Pozzoli - Chica Boom.mp3

Muza80 Vol.47
Ciao Ciao - Don`t Go Breaking My Heart.mp3
Cyber People - Doctor Faustu's.mp3
Danuta - Nobody's Woman.mp3
De Niro - Italian Boy.mp3
Eugene - Free Your Life.mp3
Interface - Like Puppets.mp3
Jacky Dean Foundation - Caravan Of Love.mp3
Ka-Zan - Give Me Your Heart.mp3
Kano - Another Life.mp3
Larabell - Ah L'Amour.mp3
Martinelli - Voice (In The Night).mp3
Muza80 Czesc 47 A.jpg
Muza80 Czesc 47 B.jpg
Muza80 Vol.47.m3u
The Fans - M.A.F.I.A..mp3
The Hurricanes - Don't Leave Tonight.mp3

Muza80 Vol.48
Debut De Soiree - La Vie La Nuit.mp3
Dyva - On Fire (Clado Mix).mp3
Facts & Fiction - Melody D'Amour.mp3
Fancy - Bodyguard.mp3
Finzy Kontini - Cha Cha Cha (Dance Remix).mp3
Kazino - Around My Dream.mp3
Kris Tallow - Mister J.mp3
Muza80 Czesc 48 A.jpg
Muza80 Czesc 48 B.jpg
muza80 vol.48.m3u
My Mine - Hypnotic Tango (Club Mix).mp3
P.Lion - Dream.mp3
Robert Camero - Love Games.mp3
Scotch - Disco Band (New Remix).mp3
Silent Circle - Night Train.mp3
Steve Allen - Letter From My Heart (Disco Mix).mp3

Muza80 Vol.49
Facts & Fiction feat Jerome - Love Game.mp3
Kim Fields - He Loves Me, He Loves me Not.mp3
Moltocarina - Love For Sale.mp3
Muza80 Czesc 49 A.jpg
Muza80 Czesc 49 B.jpg
muza80 vol.49.m3u
Nico Band - Let It Show.mp3
Primero - Vamos A La Fiesta.mp3
Ross - Coming Up.mp3
Secret Star - I Need A Man.mp3
Sisley Ferre - Give Me Your Love.mp3
Talkin' Fog - Wait Baby, Wait.mp3
Time - Shaker Shake.mp3
Venus - Hot Sun On Video.mp3
Vivien Vee - Higher.mp3
Webo - Magic Moment.mp3

Muza80 Vol.50A
Alan Cook - Bad Dreams.mp3
Grant Miller - Red For Love.mp3
Gurcan - In The Rain.mp3
Laban - Kold Som Is.mp3
Mauro - Buona Sera - Ciao Ciao.mp3
Muza80 Czesc 50A Special A.jpg
Muza80 Czesc 50A Special B.jpg
muza80 vol.50A Special.m3u
People Like Us - Deliverance.mp3
R. Bais - Dial My Number.mp3
Radiorama - Hey Hey.mp3
Reunion - Anno-Domini.mp3
Righeira - No Tengo Dinero.mp3
Sabrina - Boys.mp3
Silent Circle - Forget The Stranger.mp3
Stephanie - Ouragan.mp3
Tango - Computerized Love.mp3

Muza80 Vol.50B
Annie Anner - Night In The City.mp3
Anouschka Renzi - Robot Love.mp3
Bolero - Heartache.mp3
Chicasss - Manana.mp3
Fabian Nesti - Heigh Ho (west rmx).mp3
Felli - Shadows Of The Night.mp3
Francesc Beltran - Coco Nae.mp3
Future Sense - People From Nowhere.mp3
Kim Lamour - Love Maker.mp3
Kris Tallow - Emotions Game.mp3
Lee Marrow - Shangai.mp3
Matia Bazar - Ti Sento.mp3
Muza80 Czesc 50B Special A.jpg
Muza80 Czesc 50B Special B.jpg
muza80 vol.50B Special.m3u
Paul Mc Douglas - Turbo Geil.mp3
Total Toly - Oriental Acupuncture.mp3

Muza80 Vol.50C
Closed - Living In Your Eyes.mp3
Colors - Lonely Night.mp3
Double Date - Feel It.mp3
Fontanelli - Marylin...I Love You.mp3
Glen P. Stone - Different Faces.mp3
Kado - Tonight.mp3
Laban - Limit To Love.mp3
Leslie & Kelly - In America.mp3
Lettieri - Melody.mp3
Maurice Yesterday - Come On.mp3
Michael Davidson - Turn It Up.mp3
Muza80 Czesc 50C Special A.jpg
Muza80 Czesc 50C Special B.jpg
muza80 vol.50C Special.m3u
Samoa Park - Tubular Affair.mp3
Timerider - Timerider.mp3

Muza80 Vol.51
Angel - Take Me Up.mp3
Divine - You Think You're A Man.mp3
Francesco Napoli - Balla Balla.mp3
Gazebo - I Like Chopin.mp3
Grant Miller - Lost In Paradise4.mp3
Jenny Kee - Carry On.mp3
Joy - Hello.mp3
Mistery - Never Fall In Love Again.mp3
Muza80 Czesc 51 A.jpg
Muza80 Czesc 51 B.jpg
muza80 vol.51.m3u
Numero Uno - Madonna.mp3
Patty Ryan - Love Is The Name Of The Game.mp3
Radiorama - Manitu.mp3
Superlove - I Wanna Stop (Paris Mix).mp3
Valerie Dore - The Night.mp3

Muza80 Vol.52
Alan Barry - Gimme Gimme.mp3
Alison Yasou - More Than a Dream.mp3
Barbara - Ciao Boys.mp3
Dance Department - Paradise.mp3
Eskimo - Jump.mp3
Fabrique - Trenchcoat Man.mp3
G.G. Near - Living In A Rom.mp3
Gazebo - Dolce Vita.mp3
Hands Of Love - Dance To Dance.mp3
Happy Hour - Wie Geht's.mp3
Muza80 Czesc 52 A.jpg
Muza80 Czesc 52 B.jpg
muza80 vol.52.m3u
Oxo - Keep On Living.mp3
Sandra Reemer - Fly Like An Angel.mp3
Topo & Roby - Under The Ice.mp3

Muza80 Vol.53
Anthony - Africa.mp3
Brian Ice - Tokyo.mp3
Danielle Deneuve - The Rising Sun.mp3
Davy James - Dream Baby.mp3
Klapto - Queen Of The Night.mp3
Muza80 Czesc 53 A.jpg
Muza80 Czesc 53 B.jpg
muza80 vol.53.m3u
Paparazzi - I Need Your Love.mp3
Paul Parker - Desire.mp3
Righeira - Vamos A La Playa.mp3
Roger Meno - Don't Go Away.mp3
Shipra - Joy (In My Heart).mp3
Solid Strangers - My Delight.mp3
Stephanie Wells - Whatcha Gonna Do.mp3

Muza80 Vol.54
Aleph - I'm In Danger.mp3
Alice's Wonderland - Stop The Rain.mp3
Ankie Bagger - Don't You Know, Don't You Know.mp3
D-Essex - Victim Of Love.mp3
Domina - You Got My Soul.mp3
Franky - Have You Ever Heard Of Atlantis.mp3
If - Jealousy.mp3
Mike Mareen - Back To Happy Days.mp3
Muza80 Czesc 54 A.jpg
Muza80 Czesc 54 B.jpg
muza80 vol.54.m3u
Nature - Don't Let Computers Grow.mp3
Rocazino - All My Love.mp3
Savage - Love Is Death.mp3
Scala - Macchina Nera.mp3
Sheree - Ronnie Talk To Russia.mp3
Wilson Ferguson - Show Me.mp3

Muza80 Vol.55
Caren Monique - Rock Me Tonight.mp3
Claudio Mingardi - Forever Mine.mp3
Doctor Fun - Whatcha Gonna Do For Me.mp3
Mike Mareen - Don't Talk To The Snake.mp3
Moulin Rouge - Out Of Control.mp3
Muza80 Czesc 55 A.jpg
Muza80 Czesc 55 B.jpg
muza80 vol.55.m3u
Nino D'Angelo - Napoli.mp3
O'Ryan - Everyday Man.mp3
Patty Johnson - I'm In Love.mp3
Phantom Of The Blue - Silent Killer.mp3
Spy 71 - Take Me Mr. Love.mp3
Stage - B.B.B.S..mp3
Steve Clark - You Can Say To Everybody.mp3
Toy For Boys - Your Body Your Feeling.mp3
Trick - Don't Cry Roxanne.mp3

Muza80 Vol.56
Bomb The Beach - Bomb The Beach.mp3
Casablanca - Angel Of Night.mp3
Joanne Daniels - After The Rainbow.mp3
Joe Mc Roy & The Saloon' Girls Band - Little Cow-Boy.mp3
Joe Yellow - Last Call.mp3
Josy - Magic.mp3
Muza80 Czesc 56 A.jpg
Muza80 Czesc 56 B.jpg
muza80 vol.56.m3u
Rozzetta - Fantasy (Dub Mix).mp3
Self Service - Special Night.mp3
Sheila Stewart - Tonight.mp3
Sinery - Don't You Know.mp3
Special Touch - Check It Out.mp3
Time - Don't Stop.mp3

Muza80 Vol.57
Bobby Orlando - Pray For Me.mp3
Boy - Falling Away.mp3
Chester - Hold The Line.mp3
Diux - Comet.mp3
Kehn Lesslow - Hey Hey Guy.mp3
La Messina - My Illusion (Wawa Version).mp3
Leslie Mandoki Feat. Eva Sun - Korea.mp3
Marina - Time For Us.mp3
Mr. Dream - Around my Dream.mp3
Muza80 Czesc 57 A.jpg
Muza80 Czesc 57 B.jpg
muza80 vol.57.m3u
Norman - Let's Go To The Beach.mp3
Propaganda - P-Machinery.mp3
Tatjana - Awaka Boy.mp3
Trans-X - Lady Of My Nights.mp3

Muza80 Vol.58
Baltimora - Chinese Restaurant.mp3
Den Harrow - Darlin'.mp3
Fun Fun - Happy Station.mp3
Joe Yellow - Easy Lover.mp3
Joy Peters - Who Took My Girl.mp3
Mike Mareen - Lady Ecstasy.mp3
Muza80 Czesc 58 A.jpg
Muza80 Czesc 58 B.jpg
muza80 vol.58.m3u
Radiorama - Vampires.mp3
Rofo - Beach Love.mp3
Rose - Matter Of Feeling.mp3
Sandy Marton - People From Ibiza.mp3
Savage - Computerized Love.mp3
Sophie - Only Wanna Be With You.mp3
Trans-X - 3d-Dance.mp3

Muza80 Vol.59
Aneka - Japanese Boy (An Endless Music Mix).mp3
Ankie Bagger - Where Were You Last Night (Remix).mp3
Attack - Special Love.mp3
Caron - Out Of The Night (The First Step).mp3
Copy-Right - You Can Win If You Want (Adult-Mix).mp3
Fancy - Flames Of Love.mp3
Fantastique - Mama Told Me.mp3
Joy - Black Is Black (Remix).mp3
Mozzart - Malice & Vice.mp3
Muza80 Czesc 59 A.jpg
Muza80 Czesc 59 B.jpg
muza80 vol.59.m3u
New Baccara - Touch Me.mp3
Video Kids - Do The Rap.mp3
Ziad Rye - Don't Kill Me With Your Eyes.mp3

Muza80 Vol.60
Alexandre - Paris Latino.mp3
Dennis Balden - I Never Like A Hero.mp3
F.R. David - Words.mp3
Francesco Napoli - Balla...Balla Vol.2.mp3
Frank Tavaglione - Tumidanda.mp3
Joozeek Zaprasza.MP3
Lady D. - I'm Yours Tonight.mp3
Latin Lover - Laser Light.mp3
Luis Calvo - Guantanamera.mp3
Mike Mareen - Germany.mp3
Moser Moser - El Parasol.mp3
Muza80 Czesc 60 A.jpg
Muza80 Czesc 60 B.jpg
muza80 vol.60.m3u
Nilla Backman - New Day.mp3
Nora - Get Back Into My Heart.mp3
Phil Sun - Baby Goodbye.mp3
Thai Break - Flowers In The Rain.mp3

Muza80 Vol.61
Cartoon - Never Ending Love (Ba Ma La Ma Loo).mp3
D.D. Band - Mistery Woman.mp3
David Hasselhoff - Je T'aime Means I Love You.mp3
Felli - Greatest Mind.mp3
Image - Hot Stuff.mp3
Larabell - Up And Down.mp3
Lisa - Rocket To Your Heart.mp3
Lucero - Hojas Secas.mp3
Mariana - Talk About Love.mp3
Muza80 Czesc 61 A.jpg
Muza80 Czesc 61 B.jpg
muza80 vol.61.m3u
Ocean Wings - Loving In The Snow.mp3
On TV - Holiday Love Affair.mp3
Phil Grant - Hey Girl.mp3
Tenere - Moon Destination.mp3

Muza80 Vol.62
Chriss - With A Boy Like You.mp3
CoAngieLu - Feeling.mp3
Del Garrett - Hollywood.mp3
Dyva - I Know.mp3
Fancy - I'm In Shock.mp3
Geff Harrison - Bad New York City.mp3
Les McKeown - Love Is Just A Breath Away.mp3
Linda Jo Rizzo - Fly Me High.mp3
Magazine 60 - Don Quichotte.mp3
Michael Ray - Just A Dream.mp3
Monte Kristo - Money For Your Love.mp3
Patty - My Name Is Patty.mp3
Sabrina - Hot Girl.mp3

Muza80 Prezentuje - MiX & ReMiX vol.1
01.K - Happy Children.mp3
02.Radiorama - Cause The Night (Factory Team Mix).mp3
03.Soraya - Dont You Want Me.mp3
04.OMD - Enola Gay (Dance Remix).mp3
05.Sandra - Heaven Can Wait (dance remix).mp3
06.Mr President - Coco Jambo [The Spinner Mix].mp3
07.Boys Boys Boys - Teddy Boy (L.A. Mortello).mp3
08.Mauro - Buona Sera, Ciao Ciao (Original 12'' Sexy Poser Mix).mp3
09.F.R.David - Words.mp3
10.P2 feat. Visage - Fade To Grey.mp3
11.Black feat. Foxter - Wonderfull Life.mp3
12.Kim Wilde - Kids in America (DBop's bright lights mix).mp3
13.C.C. Catch - Backseat of Your Cadillac (New Dance Mix) - Rob.mp3
14.Francesco Napoli - Balla Balla.mp3
15.Berlin fest. Giorgio Moroder - Take My Brath Away.mp3
16.Desireless - Voyage Voyage (Euro Remix).mp3
17.Modern Talking - Win the Race (Scooter Remix).mp3
Muza80 Mix & Remix Vol.1 A.jpg
Muza80 Mix & Remix Vol.1 B.jpg

Muza80 Prezentuje - MiX & ReMiX vol.2
01.Duran Duran - The Reflex (Dance Mix).mp3
02.Baccara - Yes Sir, I Can Boogie (feat. Michael Universal).mp3
03.Aha - Take On Me (Feelgood And Dave Aude Remix).mp3
04.Yazoo - Situation (12inch Remix).mp3
05.Bryan Ferry - Don't Stop The Dance (Special 12inch Remix).mp3
06.Soul II Soul Featuring Caron Wheeler - Back To Life (However Do You Want Me) (One World Remix).mp3
07.Martika - Toy Soldiers (Japanese Version).mp3
08.Protypes - Tora Tora (Original Edit) - Rob.mp3
09.Belouis Some - Imagination (12inch Version).mp3
10.Gazebo - I Like Chopin.mp3
11.Constanzo - L'Italiano.mp3
12.Blondie - Heart Of Glass (12inch Version).mp3
13.Europe - The final countdown (Dance Mix).mp3
14.Fancy - Bolero (Extended Dance Mix) .mp3
15.Joy - Touch By Touch.mp3
Muza80 Mix & Remix Vol.2 A.jpg
Muza80 Mix & Remix Vol.2 B.jpg

Muza80 Prezentuje - MiX & ReMiX vol.3
Joozeek Info.txt
Alphaville - Big In Japan (Culture Mix).mp3
Bad Boys Blue - Hungry For Love.mp3
DJ Tequila & DJ Grappa feat.Ricchi E Poveri - Mamma Maria.mp3
Donna Summer feat. Giorgio Moroder & Amor - On The Radio.mp3
Gigi D'Agostino - Don't Cry Tonight (Gigi & Luca Tanz).mp3
Gregorian - Voyage , Voyage.mp3
K.B.Caps- Do You Really Need Me (Remix).mp3
Laura Branigan feat. Disco People - Self Control.mp3
Mozzart - Jasimn China Girl (Far East Remix).mp3
P.Lion & Eraser - Happy Children.mp3
Patty Rian - You're My Love, You're My Life.mp3
Samantha Fox - Touch Me (I Want Your Body) (Blue Mix).mp3
Sandra - Hiroshima (Extended Club Mix).mp3
Savage feat. Ice Mc - Don't Cry Tonight.mp3
Secret Service feat. Antiloop - Flash In The Night.mp3
Spagna vs Ice & Cream - Easy Lady.mp3
Muza80 Mix & Remix Vol.3 A.jpg
Muza80 Mix & Remix Vol.3 B.jpg







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